“We do not explain elaborate theories, nor do we expect people to take tons of notes. The aim is for the participants to get cracking to develop techniques during and after the session which they can immediately apply to their work.”

– Pep Torres

About workshop goals

During Pep Torres’s career in the world of creativity, innovation and business he has given over three hundred conferences and workshops to thousands of people from an extremely diverse range of fields :


Business schools



Seminars for Entrepreneurs

Science Weeks

Chambers of Commerce

Industry trade fairs

Schools, etc.


Anyone who has attended one of Pep Torres’s conferences will say the same: they are unlike anything they have seen before.


An hour long conference just flies by thanks to his method of delivery, somewhere between a monologue and an academic lecture; clear and minimalist text-free presentations; content which offers multiple interpretations; and above all the rhythm and energy he imparts which is charged with humour and irony.

The role of creativity in education

An invention camp in a castle, a box that teaches innovation attitudes using Jiu Jitsu techniques and Lady Gaga music o an invention contest for children 6 to 12 years old, where the winners compete against universities from all over the world. A fascinating trip through the ‘Out of the box’ attitude of miba.

Buzz Marketing as a maximum impact tool

One of the most successful buzz marketing stories ever: the invention of a Washing Machine for Men. More than 30.000 media impacts including all the big names such as Wall Street journal, Discovery Channel, CNN or Washington Post took part in this jawdroppiung story that began with a non existent budget.

The backstage of innovation

A one of a kind storytelling that takes us by the hand through the amazing story about the creation of the first Museum of Ideas and Inventions of the world: the miba. His founder, Pep Torres, talks about the value of unexpected ideas and how they can lead to new business opportunities.

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How to detect the Next Big Thing

An intense and hands-on-work talk around the best ideas and trends of the world, analyzing what it is that makes them so good. A talk that will open the spectators mind and get them to put their own projects into practice with a new clever twist.


The 4 Hands Talk

Marc Vidal and Pep Torres review the new business models and show how the actors that take part in the added value processes will have to adapt in the near future. Marc and Pep are two of the main referents in creativity and digital business in Spain.

Curiosity Lab

The most recommended and amazing workshop you will attend. Includes a visit to the miba museum, a talk and a quick workshop. A 10/10 satisfaction feedback from all assistants.

Feed your mind

A workshop where the assistants design their own ‘tapa’, using molecular cooking techniques like sferifications, jellies, whips or airy textures.


Chindogu Atelier

One of the most funny and engaging design thinking workshops you can attend. Learn how to design crazy inventions that, in the end, will not be that crazy…


The Zelig

A workshop designed specifically for entrepreneurs. This workshop will generate ideas for all the assistants in a way they could never imagined and that’s because you don’t think for your business, but for the business of the others.


The No Box

A workshop that will end prejudices that usually block new ideas and internal projects inside an organisation.


Buzz Marketing Workshop

Pep Torres has written the book ‘The Art of Noise’, and is known worldwide for the media noise techniques he has developed during the last 10 years. He teaches Media Noise in a ‘Communication Master’ at Pompeu Fabra University. This 4 hour workshop is must for marketing professionals.