All the books by Pep Torres offer a deep insight into his ideas and help to think about creativity itself and the vision that Pep has about the world we live in. He writes with a humorous and entertaing style but also focused on awakening and inspiring his readers. The seven books that, as far as today, has written Torres remain in time and leave always a footprint in readers all around the world.



The first of his books Si no lo veo no lo creo (Apóstrofe, 2000), is an ironical yet fresh thought about the inventions he presented in his segment in TV shows. The success of this book opened him the doors in publishing with the main spanish language publisher, Planeta. There he publlished his second book El Manual del Inventor (Planeta, 2001), the first Inventor’s Guidebook in spanish.


After that, he published Historias del avión (Martínez Roca, 2002) in collaboration with Boeing 737 Captain Enric Munné, with the idea in mind of solving people’s fears about flying.  The book covers all you need to know about commercial flights, technical data about airplanes and all those noises and movements that happen during fllights, as well as real funny stories that happenned inside airplanes..


One year later, he published one of his most personal and ironic books, Indeseables (Devir Contenidos, 2003), a complete guide about how to deal with undesirable people; miserable bosses, neghbours, morons, mothers in law, knive-in-the-back friends, people that don’t care about queues…


No te pago por pensar (Robin Book, 2004) is the next book in Pep Torres bibliography; a deep x-ray look through the office echosystem, through the eyes of characters and situations we have all gone through at our work. After that he would publish Incorrecto (Robin Book, 2005), where Torres writes an humorous essay about all those things we consider politically correct in our society. A personal view about how to deal with your loving one, family, friends or what to really think about politics or TV.


After some time without publishing and because of his experience as media noise expert, he decided to write  El Arte del Ruido (Plataforma 2011), a step by step guide about how to create massive impacts in media.


This book is recommended in universities and marketing schools all around Spain.