pep_peque_thumbWe could say that one life wouldn’t be enough for Pep Torres (Barcelona, 1965) to make all his dreams and projects come true. That’s why he lives ten lifes in the same life.


He’s convinced that his mission in life is not to inspire, but to convince people that its worth trying -at least once in a lifetime- to make one idea come true.


As inventor, musician, creative director, writer or magician, Pep Torres drives his stunning creativity through these skills, putting all his energy and passion into each one.


Torres considers that his Fase 2 in life began at age 32, after having spent his early years as an expert in classic and flamenco guitars, composing music for Cabaret, working as photographer, running a hindu vegetarian restaurant or writting in different magazines. In fact Fase 1 would be enough to fill another site but, well, that would be another story…


So, as we said, at age 32 (that was back in 1997) he moves from Barcelona to Sevilla and founds Afterwork, an agency that would help inventors with their projects. The business doesn’t work out as expected, and Pep’s company heads directly to bankrupcy. But, in a sort of inspiration, he thinks that perhaps those inventions that don’t make it in the real world, perhaps could make it in a TV segment. So, he starts inventing objects specifically for a TV segment and not for sale; that is all kind of funny inventions with a clever twist for the audience.

cronicasmarcianas_peptorresHe starts working in the main late night TV Show in Spain at that time, Crónicas Marcianas, simultaneously as in a late night show for the Autonomic Andalucia TV channel, Cuarto Creciente. As result of this sudden success, he writes his first book about funny inventions Si no lo veo, no lo creo (Ed. Apóstrofe) in collaboration with a friend in Sevilla, Alberto Paton.


Two years later he comes back to Barcelona and starts working as a creative consultant for creatives inside an advertising agency, and from there he jumps into a creative stage in the reknown advertising agency S,C,P,F, where he builds a gigantic Rube Goldberg style cause-effect machine. At that time he writes his second book El Manual del Inventor (Ed. Planeta) as an answer to the total lack of guidebooks for inventors in spanish.


The book is a hit, and the publisher asks if Torres (due to his knowledge of TV and media) could take care of promoting some of the authors that publish at Planeta. Pep opens in 2002 a press agency company under the name DeBuenaTinta, specialized in promoting authors in media. From promoting authors, and because of the extraordinary success of his campaigns, the company starts promoting brands. For one of his clients, Servei Estació, he designs one of the best media noise campaigns ever: The Washing Machine for Men (2005) that creates more than 30,000 impacts on the Internet and about 1,000 interviews in media all over 59 countries.



In 2006, and due to the international overwhelming success, the agency changes the name from DeBuenaTinta to StereoNoise (because of the quality of making media noise). The agency is, from then on, not only a press agency, but also a creative and invention studio. That same year, Torres works in a personal artistic exhibition that would open at the end of the year at FAD: Futour, a Tour Through the Future. The exhibition of futuristic imaginary inventions is imagined, designed and built with his own hands and he is awarded the prestigious Premi Ciutat de Barcelona. On the award ceremony at Barcelona’s City Hall and in front of the Major, he gives a 30 second speech that will never be forgotten. On 2008 he redesigns and is the responsible for the main Invention’s fair in Spain, Attic, for the following three years.


vendingmachine_mibaHe combines the work at his Stereonoise studio with his starting career as international speaker. He reinforces his role as inventor, working on several household inventions and selling the patents and in 2009 he invents a vending machine, oriented to fight obesity at schools, that gives all the products for free if you pedal the calories in a bicycle connected to the machine. TIME magazine recognizes Pep Torres as one of the best 50 inventors of that year and Wall Street Journal publishes a full page interview about his work.


Inventing is more and more important in Pep’s agenda, and his Stereonoise studio in Hospitalet de Llobregat is loaded with all the inventions he’s designed for the last years. He also believes that all this knowledge would be very important to link inside the educational system, so in 2011 he decides to give one step ahead and opens with his own money, the miba, Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona right beside the Barcelona City Hall, in a stunning 600m2 1848 building.


miba_entranceThe museum becomes quickly not only a creative reference spot in the city -with more than 45,000 visitors every year, but also an idea lab for entrepreneurs, and a family+children formation hub, thanks to the minimiba invention contest, that takes children ages 6 to 12 to compete agains adults every year in Invention fairs like the British Invention Show in London.


Pep combines his work at miba with a much more lab-oriented Stereonoise, that builds extraordinary media noise campaigns for brands as well as extremely creative projects like designing a fine dinning experience for the 2 Michelin Star awarded chef Paco Roncero


“El Manual del Inventor” Published in 2001 by Editorial Planeta


“Futour. A tour through the Future” Exhibition.
Bilbao 2007


“Futour. A Tour through the Future” Exhibition.
Barcelona 2006


“Futour. A Tour through the Future” Exhibition.
Badajoz 2007.


“Vote” Instalation at “Futour. A Tour through the Future” Exhibition.


Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2006


The 30″ speech at Barcelona City Hall


TIME Magazine awards Pep Torres as one of the best 50 inventors in 2009


The Vending Machine giving free chocolate at a mall in exchange for pedaling calories.


The Inventor’s Box educational program for schools


Children winning adults at British Invention Show Awards


Pep Torres designing a dining experience for the 2 Michelin awarded chef Paco Roncero