“Pep is one of the most imaginative persons I know. His creativity is effervescent, dazzling.”

-Ferran Adrià

“To sit in a room with Pep is an energizing and uplifting experience. His creative ideas bombard you, it is electrifying!”

– Diane Quinn
Senior Vice-President, Creative and Artistic Operations
Cirque du Soleil

“He has been considered by TIME Magazine as one of the Best Inventors in 2009″

Pep Torres’ aim is to foster creativity in companies and individuals, so they take step and try to make true those ideas that take their breath away.


He himself took a great risk when funding the miba, Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona; a one of its kind museum. A place open to citizens and organisations that want to broad their minds through pure creativity.


The miba is, in fact, a physical representation of Pep’s mind, but his creative universe expands far beyond, through his talks, workshops, books, inventions, music or at his master classes in the university.


All this creativity funnels through Stereonoise, his communication agency, that helps brands to increase their sales through media noise campaigns, unusual events, experience design, new products or in company challenge solving workshops




We could say that one life would’nt be enough for Pep Torres (Barcelona, 1965) to make all his dreams and projects come true. That’s why he lives ten lifes in the same life.


He’s convinced that his mission in life is not to inspire, but to convince people that its worth trying -at least once in a lifetime- to make one idea come true.


As inventor, musician, creative director, writer or magician, Pep Torres drives his stunning creativity through these skills, putting all his energy and passion into each one.


Torres considers that his Fase 2 in life began at age 32, after having spent his early years as an expert in classic and flamenco guitars, composing m…



Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, l’Observateur… The impact on the media of the ideas and campaigns created by Pep Torres is simply overwhelming. From Alaska to South Africa, from London to Tokyo, Pep Torres name has been in almost any newspaper or TV around the globe.


As a matter of fact, Pep is one of the most recognized experts in media noise, that’s why his own ideas as well as the campaigns he creates for brands have been broadcasted everywhere. Just try to google his name and prepare to spend some time reading…



A few years ago, newspapers around the world reported that a Spanish inventor had created a washing mac…



The driver behind Pep’s different projects is to convince people to give one step ahead and try to make true at least one idea in their lifetime; that kind of idea that could change their life or the life of others. So, although considering himself an introvert, Pep has decided to go onstage and work deeply in transmitting his knowledge and attitudes to poeple all around the world. Children, entrepreneurs, ceo’s, creatives, university students… Since the last 10 years he has spoken for thousands in all fields of activity and interests.


His deep knowledge of TV techniques as well as his on stage skills as musician or magician, make his talks in an e…



All the books by Pep Torres offer a deep insight into his ideas and help to think about creativity itself and the vision that Pep has about the world we live in. He writes with a humorous and entertaing style but also focused on awakening and inspiring his readers. The seven books that, as far as today, has written Torres remain in time and leave always a footprint in readers all around the world.


The first of his books Si no lo veo no lo creo (Apóstrofe, 2000), is an ironical yet fresh thought about the inventions he presented in his segment in TV shows. The success of this book opened him the doors in publishing with the main spanish language publi…